Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Public begins to react to Dick Cheney's honorary bust at U.S. Capitol


Former Vice President Dick Cheney speaks before the unveiling of a marble bust of Cheney in the US Capitol in Washington, December 3, 2015. REUTERS/James Lawler Duggan - RTX1X2AY

“US doesn't prosecute its war criminals. It honors them” — Glenn Greenwald 
The truth in Greenwald’s quote, and the sentiment, is felt around the world as former Vice President Dick Cheney was honored Thursday. A white bust was created that now sits at the U.S. Capitol, bought and paid for by the American people.
The event brought out Cheney’s (poignantly) true “partner in crime,” former President George W. Bush. Sarah Lazare at Common Dreams remarks: 
The ceremony was the first public appearance of Cheney and Bush together since Jon Meacham's biography of George H.W. Bush was released in November. Bush Sr. is quoted criticizing Cheney for being "hard-line," "iron-ass," and "knuckling under to the real hard-charging guys who want to fight about everything, use force to get our way in the Middle East."
Bush Jr. made light of the comments about the former vice president, who has recently used his considerable media platform to rail against the nuclear deal between world powers and Iran, declare he is unapologetic about the 2003 invasion of Iraq, and call for military escalation towards ISIS.
Lazare reports that when Bush Jr. told his father about the Cheney ceremony, Bush Sr. said “send my best regards to old iron-ass."
 How about “old torturer” or “old murderer” or “old war criminal?” Dick Cheney is responsible for the deaths of over 4,500 U.S. troops—and reportedly hundreds of thousands innocent civilians.  All of my spirituality leaves me when I think of Dick Cheney. The world damage he created, and the lives he destroyed is beyond forgiveness, much less worthy of an honor. Shame on U.S. for allowing this man to walk free.
keep in mind these are the minority they tried ti sell us this liberal media myth but in actuality it is a right wing media.  media is money big money that is the auto membership into the club that promotes your agenda.  think about it you only hear about Trump and other republicans and the negativity is about Hillary and Dems.  we are being inundated with republican rhetoric as stupid as the majority of it is it still gets top billing in the media it is what we hear but remember we heard this same rambling in '08 and '12 they lost they are bleeding members so what appears to be a majority because we hear it most is nothing more than a bunch of scared they are losing their grip on our necks and their power.

we've heard about 4 dead in Benghazi for a few years and a few million dollars now but we never hear that side talk about the thousands dead because of 911 and potentially billions of dollars instead they celebrate make the golden calf and hail the war criminals
THIS IS WHO THEY ARE NOT WHO WE ARE how long will we allow them to make us complicit to their war crimes how long will we allow a few to speak for an opposing many it's time to TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY from bigots and racist hell bent on destruction in the name of God and the second amendment?????????????????????????????????????????

can't be united states when the population is so polarized remember republicans seem to forget or by design that "DIVIDED WE FALL"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  they try to blame Pres. for the divide pay attention and note it's just another lie built on their motto "I KNOW YOU ARE BUT WHAT AM I"??