Saturday, December 12, 2015

Jeb! is sure that Trump's hate-filled rhetoric and bigotry are part of a plot to get Hillary elected

Jeb Bush on Tuesday questioned whether GOP presidential rival Donald Trump made a deal with Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton to get elected to the White House. 
What else could explain Trump’s apparently permanent spot atop the polls for the 2016 Republican nomination for president (while Jeb! struggles to stay above 4 percent), except for a sinister plot?
Maybe, instead of sobbing about Trump and Clinton, Jeb! should try delivering the venomous, bigoted red meat that the GOP base craves. In case Jeb! hasn’t been paying attention for these past six or so months, it’s a winning strategy. 
is he implying Trump is some kind of Dem mole?????  you would think his lack of bleeding red meat tossing they would make the argument he's not conservative enough not mean and bigoted enough to be representing the party of all the above.

that exclamation mark should maybe be a question mark

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