Friday, December 11, 2015

Elementary school locked down after open-carry dad keeps on showing up with gun

A second grade student gets right to work as classes start at Greenwood Elementary School.

A mystery Parent of the Year and open-carry enthusiast’s Christmas gift to the children and staff at Lillian Fletcher Elementary School in Homer Michigan, is a school wide lockdown. A parent at the school showed up on Friday with a holstered gun. Then, having already been told that maybe he didn’t need to bring his gun with him to an elementary school, brought it again on Monday!
After the Friday incident, district officials spoke with the Calhoun County Sheriff Department, whose deputies interviewed the parent, "trying to convince him that it's not a good thing -- even though it might be one of his rights, doesn't mean it's the right thing to do," Wright said.
This is a very reasonable request. So, Mr. World’s Best Dad came back on Monday to discuss the incident.
"And lo and behold, he showed up with his weapon holstered ... it was never out of the holster," Wright said. "And at that point I had to inform him that our protocol is that we go into lockdown just for pure safety of all of our students and staff, and so we went into lockdown at that point."
"They asked him to sit in the front lobby and they went into lockdown," Saxton said. "He left when he heard them go into lockdown."
Good job, dad. 
so one man's asinine right cost and entire school faculty and students do they get paid under auto shutdown the parents who work now need day care for their kids or stay home and lose pay or their job all so some bone head can feel like he's a rebel and will carry his gun the republicans gave him that right.  only right granted was his how many others were trampled on?????????????

those who lost should sue the bastard for their loss but for God sake don't take it out on the kid, please