Monday, December 14, 2015

America's backslide into a vile and overt bigotry

I was not naive enough to believe that America had overcome its intrinsic bigotry. Many people assumed that as we passed laws to codify equality in employment, equality in education, equality in buying a home, equality in living choices, and equality in most things that affect our external life, bigotry and prejudice would subside. 
Why? Because as people were integrated via opportunity and reality, the fallacies inherent in most stereotypes would become moot. Americans would see that basically we all want the same things, we all have the same abilities, and we all have the same flaws.
But that would be a very dangerous result for a certain few. If the vast majority of people learn the old divisions and delineations are nothing more than social constructs meant to control, then control by the few—the puppeteers and the plutocracy—is lost. And when control is lost, democracy is born.
Liberals have been demonized because instead of seeing enlightenment as a threat to the status quo, they see it as an egalitarian must. If society becomes too egalitarian, then the few at the top can no longer hold that perch, because society at large would realize their success was largely built on the backs of the masses. Name any billionaire or millionaire: It isn’t difficult to prove that his or her success is built on the collective knowledge and work of others.
So how do you maintain a structure where just a few get to capitalize on the work, service, and intellect of the masses? You infiltrate the media. You infiltrate the educational system. You destroy all organizations attempting to make things better for the masses, like unions and cooperatives. You brainwash. You create false realities. You demonize some. You pit groups against each other.
Much of this was detailed in Supreme Court Justice Lewis Powell's infamous Powell Manifesto, which was written before he became a Supreme Court justice.
Think tanks designed to mislead, like the Heritage Foundation, are a reality. The complete takeover of the media, especially through outlets like Fox News, is a reality. Many universities have received grants from the likes of the Koch brothers to provide the ability to influence.
But all of these machinations and deviant behaviors simply delayed the inevitable: America is liberalizing. America is becoming more intelligent in the aggregate. Yes, the “haves” may have slowed down progress. However, liberals and progressives continue the slow grind. America is becoming more liberal.
We are now at an turning point, and the plutocracy is fighting back. But it can’t win on reality, and it can’t win on policy. After all, what policy can be offered if the ultimate goal is control? Their wish is to keep a few on top to be served by the masses, the indentured servants protected by a small gatekeeper class.
A backslide into a vile and overt bigotry is the answer. It is easy and effective, because it revives our reptilian brain. It is the perfect bait-and-switch technique. But it’s even more effective when one can point to gun massacres to incite fear, while ignoring the fact that they often occur because of policies effected by the plutocracy.
Our daily gun killings can be directly attributed to policies that allow the market to be flooded with guns, while creating a bad economy that leaves many in despair. Islamic terrorism can be directly attributed to our involvement in countries whose autocrats allow our businesses to pilfer the masses. Does anyone believe Islamic terrorists hate us because they hate our freedom? They hate us because we decided to mess with them. If we left them alone or had real equitable relationships with their countries, they would not care about us.
So what’s a plutocracy to do?
Donald Trump and his ilk are using Islamic terrorism to demonize and make American Muslims the scary people. They are partially responsible for our hard-earned dollars going to the defense industrial complex, because who else is going to mitigate the Muslim problem?
Donald Trump and his ilk are demonizing immigrants by telling Americans those immigrants are the cause of them not having jobs or good wages. The reality, of course, is that sending our jobs overseas is the big culprit. It is profitable for the few. And yes, it is the plutocracy that is employing those undocumented workers even as they use them to foment hate.
It’s also common knowledge that existing while black in America is dangerous. The police, especially, get good real-time target practice as they gun down many. They do not mind paying the legal settlements where irrefutable evidence shows the reality of their wrongdoing. After all, it is just a cost of doing business—the business of caricaturing black people as more violent and deviant than others. 
It ensures that the majority thinks these folks in general are dangerous and we need a police state to keep them under control. And of course we have our Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia ensuring that we know that these lesser people need to be educated at lesser universities, so their lives can remain lesser.
Folks, the plutocracy is on its deathbed. Let us remember that we are one people.
When our sun is about to die it will get extremely large, then the earth will be burned to a crisp. In other words, just like a dying sun can effect irreversible damage before dying, so can a dying plutocracy. But there’s is a difference. A dying sun follows the laws of nature. We, however, determine what a dying plutocracy can do. If we engage and fight, we can prevent its death from killing us all.
these articles are getting so spot on that what can you say that wasn't in the text saying things is a start phase two is listening and actually hearing and then respond in a positive fashion no longer dismissing and calling truths liberal BS.  embracing humanity is noble and takes a lot of compassion, until those who oppose learn that and are able to achieve it we will be stuck with the audacity of arrogance and perpetual denial of the dynamic of American societal existence.  wake up everybody!!

keep in mind republican presidents appoint bigoted racist like this SOB allowing this mindset to grow and permeate the institutions that are supposedly there to protect us from those like them.