Monday, November 9, 2015

TV News Stations' Inaccurate Reporting Promotes Anti-Choice Group's Unproven And Potentially Dangerous "Abortion Reversal Kits"

Several television stations ran segments promoting a controversial method for supposedly "reversing" a medical abortion that is promoted by anti-choice groups while failing to disclose that medical experts, including the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, have said such treatments are unproven and are potentially harmful for patients.
NC Fox Station Promotes Unproven "Abortion Reversal" Treatment In Segment Picked Up By Five Other TV News Programs
Fox Station In Charlotte, NC Promoted Controversial "Abortion Reversal" Kit. A Fox-owned and operated station in Charlotte, North Carolina on November 3 ran a segment promoting an "abortion reversal kit" used by Dr. Matthew Harrison who claimed the treatment could be used to reverse a medication abortion, a type of abortion which involves taking two medications spaced several days apart. The segment claimed the treatment worked by "flood[ing] the woman's body with so much progesterone the abortion pill gets neutralized." From WJZY (emphasis added):
REPORTER BILL MELUGIN: A Charlotte area doctor has found a way to save lives before they ever come into this world. Believe it or not he's pioneered a way to reverse the effects of the abortion pill and it works. As a result, more than 100 babies all across the country have been given a second chance along with their moms -- who once felt like they made a mistake.
MELUGIN: [An "abortion reversal kit" is] basically a series of progesterone shots a woman has to take within 72 hours of ingesting the first of two abortion pills and it was pioneered by Charlotte-area doctor Matt Harrison. Here's how it works: the abortion pill essentially starves a baby by blocking progesterone, that's the natural hormone in a woman's body. Dr. Harrison's treatment floods the woman's body with so much progesterone the abortion pill gets neutralized.
DR. MATTHEW HARRISON: It's still about 65% effective and those are pretty good numbers. I think that if we can, kind of fine-tune the protocol and make it more standardized then I think that those numbers would improve.
MELUGIN: But it's got to be taken within 72 hours or it will not work. That's because the second abortion pill that induces labor is usually taken 2 to 3 days after the first one that starves the baby of nutrients.
MELUGIN: So far 137 babies have been born without any complications after their moms used the reversal kits. 76 moms are still pregnant and doing well after reversing their abortions and on top of that their network has expanded to over 300 physicians all across America. Although he identifies as pro-life, Dr. Harrison feels that what he's really doing is giving women a choice.
MELUGIN: And as for any possible side effects with this treatment Dr. Harrison said there is only a 5% chance of rare deformities in a baby's face and hands but that's only if the mom took the second abortion pill that induces labor. [WJZY, Fox 46, 11/3/15]
is this not tantamount to praying away the gay or just preying on the gullible????  what about the potential damage to the fetus and are they not playing God and where in religion does this act play out.  and as usual what about the damage this irresponsible reporting can do not just to patients but the encouraging of those who would profit from this real abomination.

again right wing interest want us to except their unprofessional opinions over qualified doctors and scientist what is more dangerous professional abortion or their aunt Fannie's back alley remedies????????