Friday, November 13, 2015

Large U.S. restaurant chain launches 'no tipping' test, raises server wages instead—and here's why

The Joe's Crab Shack at the Louisiana Boardwalk in Bossier City, Louisiana

As various independently owned restaurants around the country successfully begin to do away with tipping in favor of higher flat rate wages for their employees, the nation’s first large-scale restaurant chain has decided to give it a try in a new test program:
In what may be the first significant trial of a no-tipping policy by a full-service chain, Joe’s Crab Shack has switched the servers at 18 units to a set wage and alerted customers they no longer are expected to tip.
Servers will be paid a wage starting at $14 an hour, though the exact amount will vary from server to server on the basis of their past performance, according to the chain’s parent company, Ignite Restaurant Group.
The chain is raising prices 12-15%, but Ignite execs note customers who typically tip around 20% may end up paying less. Ignite Restaurant group executives are hoping it the move will reduce employee turnover and improve customer service. Stay tuned!
there is a lesson here to be learned, i wonder why those mega companies had not picked up on this before were they're eyes to clouded with greed to notice a shift here and there could be more profitable workers happy and able to survive the economy thereby doing a better job bringing customers back and word of mouth creating new ones.

disgruntled workers are forced labor living wage workers have fewer problems they bring to the work place and actually are more insintvized to come to work and earn that money.  that has been a republican slam on working poor they don't want to work.  

hard to have a family work all week for less than $200.00 and feel happy about getting up early in the morning to repeat the demoralizing exercise once more.  employers need to look out for those who bring the success their workers and remember "THEY DID NOT BUILD IT BY THEMSELVES",  as Pres. said all had some kind of assistance even Trump who's dad gave his a little loan of one million dollars to get him started/s