Friday, November 13, 2015

Howard University braces for attack after chilling racist threat: ‘It’s not murder if they’re black’

Black students high school college (Shutterstock)
The president of Howard University announced on Thursday that the school had increased security after receiving a racist death threat against all students.
“We are aware of the threat made against the University and its students and are working with campus, local, and federal law enforcement on this serious matter,” President Wayne A. I. Frederick wrote in an email to students. “However, in an abundance of caution, the University has increased security on campus and at area metro stations.”
The threat, which was reportedly posted to an online forum on Wednesday, was being shared on social media by Thursday morning.
“I mean we might as well bend over and let the n****rs f*ck us right in the ass,” the posting said. “They’re unhappy no matter what.”
According to the threat, “good people” like former University Missouri President Timothy Wolfe, who resigned after mishandling racial incidents, were being made to “suffer.”
“I left MU yesterday because I didn’t want to put up with it anymore,” the commenter wrote. “I go home to MD and what do I see? The same old shit. Turn on the news and it’s always n****rs causing trouble everywhere.”
“So I’ve decided. Any n****rs left at Howard University after 10 tomorrow will be the first to go,” the message continued. “And any of those cheapstake [SIC] n****rs who try to get out using the metro will regret that choice real fast.”
The writer said that he knew police will kill him but “I’ll go out a hero knowing I made the world better.”
“They were stupid to know what to do when they got freed,” the threat added. “Sometimes the best thing to do is to put stupid out of its misery.”
“After all, it’s not murder if they’re black.”
he thinks killing Blacks will make him a hero sad thing is to too many think he would be.  wonder if he has one of those carry permits.  as much as you hear them complain about gun violence here in DC a carry law was passed so now any nutball with a gun and a permit can be your worst enemy. 

 complaining about gov't to big only refers to liberal standards of looking out for American citizen it's not too big when it ARMS RIGHT WING CRAZIES AND ALLOWS POLICE TO WALK AWAY FROM VIDEO MURDER AND BEATINGS WITH NO INCARCERATION. or passes bills they want like those that take your healthcare and food stamps that's pretty big when you can arm half the county and starve the other half   

we know they are bad with numbers but c'mon big gov't is good for Americans when controlled by Dems not so much under republican domination do the math.

sorry got off topic there but the FBI  and all other agencies need to get a grip on this and prove all lives matter even if they dismiss BLM