Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Cartoon: The right to an unfair trial


This is a huge story that many progressives seem to be overlooking. In 2013 the Supreme Court allowed companies — Netflix, T-Mobile, rental cars, banks, private schools, medical practices, online retailers, etc. — to slip “arbitration clauses” into contracts for services and jobs that circumvent the court system entirely. If you have a legal grievance, you will be shunted into their private kangaroo court, presided over by often-laughably biased officials hired by the company. The NY Times has a must-read three part series on this truly incredible overturning of a fundamental Constitutional right.
time to stop trading the BS for ED elephant dung, we all know who is at the point of this kind of gift to business, this is why the went after unions so hard to jack you up and give you nothing to protect or speak for you this is a right wing republican implicated blanket party and we the people are the ones under the blanket.

this is what red state rights gets you goose eggs,  them well they get you.  they bring up slavery a lot lately but is it of old or is it today's version where Whites get shackled by their tyranny as well???  it's obvious they weren't aware because they are still trumpeting Trump and the guys, who aren't looking out for them  really that party of stupid has taken on a whole new meaning than Jindal meant guess he had no idea either.