Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Carson won award for Most Gullible! Check out the gory details of his epic lies.

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 Ben Carson’s tale about the “Perceptions 310” class at Yale is so bizarre on its face that it has been difficult to imagine how it could have come about. According to Carson’s telling, the professor informed the 150 students in the class that their final exams had been accidentally destroyed in a fire, asked them to take a replacement (which was much harder), at which point all but Honest Ben walked out of the class. For his rectitude, he was rewarded with his picture in the Yale Daily News and $10. But, the professor revealed, it was all a hoax.
The entire story never made any sense. If the final exam was over, at exactly what class was the announcement made? Why would a professor subject the students to such a hoax? How does any of this reflect on Carson’s honesty?
In response to questions about the story, Carson has posted a relevant piece of evidence on his Facebook page…. If one actually reads it, the story is now clear. Ben Carson really tied with a few other students as Dupe of the Year.
The posted story, from the Yale Daily News, reports that the rival Yale Record had produced a parody issue of the Daily News, with fake articles. Among these, was an article claiming that the final exams from Psychology 10 had been accidentally destroyed, and there would be a make-up exam. 
“Several students” showed up for the fake exam, unaware that the entire supposed issue of the Yale Daily News was a parody. Among these gullible students was apparently one Ben Carson. So Carson has taken a story of his own inability to distinguish reality from parody and spun it into a tall tale about his shining rectitude.
you know last nights debate revealed that Carson got a louder applause when introduced then Trump, i've not heard any mention of that not even from Carson's camp but i'm still hopeful.  what is more distressing is here it is again the audience and republican voters are all warm and fuzzy with a calm crazy and seem to be losing interest in the loud boisterous crazy Trump.  

i really would like to be a fly on the wall at a Trump closed door when he has to acknowledge he's getting trumped by a Black guy be him a BINO he still is not a party beloved because of that color.  so much for their "PRINCIPLES" formerly know as "VALUES" embracing one they have hated on forever just to get a win who does that say the least about?????????????????????????????

poetic justice, Carson wins republican general and then runs through the caucus hitting them in the head with hammers and stabbing them in the belts and throwing stones and bricks at them, hey i can dream can't i? +o)