Thursday, November 19, 2015

British Muslims send message to ISIS and the world—and it's spot on


Often scorned and associated with terrorists, innocent Muslims around the world have suffered ridicule, discrimination, abuse, torture and murder. This is perpetuated by those who are ignorant, misinformed, racist—or flat out racist. Certain media platforms like FOX ‘News’ and the Conservative radio ‘hate parade’ propagate fear-based messages out to the public every day. Hate speech also is frequently revealed on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. 
After 911, may Muslims in America were the victims of hate crimes and some where detained for years suspected of being connected to the likes of Osama Bin Laden. It took nearly a decade for things to improve, but only just a bit. And then in 2013, the Boston Bombing set progress back again. When ISIS formed over the next couple of years and began committing atrocities and publicizing them over the Internet, the perception of Muslims quickly deteriorated. 
ISIS human atrocious and crimes (images are very graphic)  include the rape/selling/murder of girls and women, beheadings of journalist, burning captives alive, and the mass murder of Syrians who fled from ISIS by the millions. With ISIS taking responsibility for last week’s horrific murderous attacks in Beirut and Paris and  a Russian passenger plane, Muslims are once again being associated with the extremist group and around the world Muslims are fearing for their lives. 
Now more than ever, Muslims are beginning to really speak out. During September of 2015, British Muslims launched a campaign to fight the stereotype and dispel the perception that Islam and Muslims are connected to ISIS or any terrorism. After the recent Paris and Beirut attacks, the #NotInMyName Twitter hashtag has taken off. A video created by Active Change Foundation is also making the rounds on social media with this transcription. The Muslims are directing their message to ISIS and the world.
The ISIS do not represent Islam or any Muslim
-Because it’s totally unIslamic
-Because you’re killing innocent people
-Because you’re unjust
-Because your leader is a liar
Because your actions to not acutely represent the actions of the Rightly-Guided Companions
-Because your terror doesn’t represent the
-Because what you’re doing is inhumane
-Because you have no compassion

as poignant as this is i don't hold out for the republicans or their base to change their perception of those they've invested so much effort into demonizing creating their premier bogeyman the glue that keeps them together someone or thing to hate take that away and all they have is Pres. coming for your guns 7 years he hasn't made a move on their guns while republicans pass bills the increase the guns in hand primarily to their crazies if someone of color took advantage of that law they most certainly would be killed.

one thing i've learned is right wing is the same globally and their pit bull like tactics they will not concede to their broad brushing of Muslims is wrong.  how d you you tell those you've been misleading for years "NEVERMIND"  remember they armed these crazies and it would be seen as betrayal and refusal to except it.