Thursday, November 12, 2015

After new discriminating policy aimed at kids of gay parents, Mormon members plan mass resignation

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Last week a new policy from the Mormon Church was leaked that was a hurtful step backwards for gay LDS members and their families. The church announced it would no longer baptize children who live with gay parents or same-sex households. All those natural or adopted babies born to sin would have to wait until they were 18-years-old and decide for themselves whether to be baptized in the church. 
Feeling the heat from an immediate backlash from both members and the public-at-large, Mormon leaders introduced a video explaining they are merely protecting these innocent children. But, that explanation has made matters even worse and now many are planning a mass resignation from the church:
Church members across social media are sharing their desire to resign from the church, due to their hurt from the policy saying children of same-sex couples cannot be blessed or baptized until they are 18.  One Utah-based attorney and ex-Mormon — Mark Naugle — who helps people resign from the church free of charge, says he has received a flood of emails.
"There will be 1,400 people who won't be on the record coming in the next five to 15 days, just from my end.  I'm also attending a mass resignation event on Saturday. They're starting at City Creek (in Salt Lake City) and I'll be going there with blank forms for everyone to fill out. And I think, according to Facebook, there are over 1,000 people that plan to attend,” he said.
According the RSVPs and the interest on the group’s Facebook page, the number of people planning to resign is growing quickly. Attorney Mark Naugle makes it easy to resign, sending interested members a simple one-page form to fill out and mail in. Will enough members resign to influence church leaders and get them to reconsider the new policy? Time will tell.
as an adult i know now that these kinds of bigotry existed before i was born but wasn't as widely known by later generations not living in those areas where it's prevalent. this is why i have a problem with organized religion they all seem to have this until now this hidden agenda of contradiction to what they supposedly are all about.  it's about mega churches elaborate structures that house very little Godly activity.

Jesus embraced everyone regardless the churches today use those they have made controversial as a tool to rally their flocks.  i think they found out without an object of attention just repeating what the Bible says in their own interpretations just doesn't fill the seats or the collection plates but something they can point at and scream foul is priceless it's human nature to discriminate it's Godly to overcome it.

hate and bigotry and racism are failing efforts  evidenced by the churches themselves the new generations are not buying into the prejudices the premier religious hate group evangelicals their kids are running like their lives depend on it as well as their souls.  these right wing religions are attacking  God's children like they are the NFL Superbowl rivals.  no regard for the tenets of the word and teachings of Jesus.  and have the audacity of arrogance to claim their religious freedoms are being attacked??????????????????????????