Friday, July 31, 2015

New Hampshire Voters Explain The Appeal Of Donald Trump

what it looks like he's getting ready say to America is probably just what he thinks

i keep going back to Joan Walsh's book title "WHAT IS WRONG WITH WHITE PEOPLE"???????  how do you claim the American mantra in one breath than praise and support the very entity that threatens the legitimacy of that mantra in the next???

all the niceties they expressed as their thoughts are devoid of the bigotry and racism he espouses is that blind to facts or ignoring them running in a party that's nothing but bigotry and racism think republicans are more against him not because of the imbecilic things he says but because he will not be controlled therefore a republican gov't with all it's factions tea people, conservatives, libertarians, and moderates and the donald all with different ideas of how to turn the steering wheel will doom themselves  and America to a broken attempt to install the oligarchy.

don't ignore this my friends think about it the infighting now and the addition of a lone wolf whose head swells with every second and think of foreign policy and hell think of domestic policy none of which does he have experience or voiced an opinion he is playing those who oppose getting a free campaign ride so far.

he hasn't spent anything but he's number one to them for what racist bigoted remarks about other Americans he wants to be president of????????????
wake up everybody this is not a game we are the ones who stand to be fired under that abomination of government. RECOGNIZE  watch the video please