Wednesday, May 6, 2015

9 Reasons Most Conservatives Are Not 'Christian'

Almost every day on Facebook, Twitter, or some other social media, I see a conservative ranting away with how the Republican Party is the party of, ahem, “good Christian values”
The fact is, I don’t care what creed anyone follows. My problem with some people, especially conservatives, is their willingness to try to force their religion on others.
true and all while whining that those others they are trying to ram their Godless doctrine down their throats are trying to suppress their "RIGHT" to religious freedom.
Here’s what gives me heartburn — many of these conservatives aren’t really Christian. Going to church doesn’t make someone a Christian. Following the Bible doesn’t even make someone Christian. Christianity is based on a belief in Jesus Christ and following him.
I don’t see much of that inside conservative ideology.
Gandhi said, “I like your Christ. I don’t like your Christians.”
Gandhi, in my view, was spot on. Here are some reasons I think Gandhi was right.
1. Homosexuality. Many conservatives base their devotion to their religion on how strong their opposition is to homosexuality. Here’s the rub. Jesus never spoke — not even once — on the issue.
2. Helping the poor. I don’t understand how a person can call themselves “Christian” while supporting a political party that denigrates the poor as being moochers looking for a handout.
3. Greed. Isn’t the entire premise of “trickle-down” economics and unregulated capitalism based on greed? Conservatives seem to have no problem chastising a family on welfare, but they consider anyone who dares to call a well-off person a greedy bastard as “un-American.” Just for the record, Jesus DID talk against greet. Actually, he warned AGAINST greed.
4. Full of hate. If you’ve been to a tea party rally, you probably were amazed at the vile hatred.
5. Racism. Not all conservatives are racist. But, every state that’s currently “strongly Republican” also fought desegregation and stood against the Civil Rights Act. Mmmm….I can’t imagine Jesus endorsing racism.
just a few more in article,  the hypocritical blasphemy that spews from the republican religious right wing is from their embedded past and passed down to those they could keep dumbed down enough to continue the tradition, but we are seeing that those who might have viewed the party with mono-vision are now seeing in stereo panorama vision and it is not all fit for the family album.  i think that they just don't want to be seen 20 years from now as being on the same side as their ancestors 400 years ago, hate is no longer en vogue.

i can not see the country changing and not give some credit to Pres. who they made jokes about change we can believe in is coming and has been for at least 6 years now all that was is different now some slightly others full morphing.  if not for his Presidency these things would not at this point in history be as big of an issue as they are.  republicans call it Pres. trying to divide the country but their resistance to over half in favor of change the same thing dividing us, who's zoomin' who????