Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Ted Cruz Absolutely Loses It During This MUST WATCH Press Conference (VIDEO)

Ted Cruz Absolutely Loses It During This MUST WATCH Press Conference (VIDEO)
During a press conference in South Carolina on Wednesday, Ted Cruz proved that as things heat up in the Republican primary election, the Republican candidates’ crazy is being brought to a boiling point.
South Carolina is the Republicans’ firewall state against anti-establishment candidates. It’s the state where candidates such as Donald Trump are supposed to burn out. After Trump’s win in New Hampshire, all the candidates are fighting like mad to secure a win in the first southern primary.
So, enter Ted Cruz at a press conference where he has to be seen as both more moderate than Trump and also win over his supporters. That’s why during the press conference he is forced to posture, saying things like daring Trump to sue him.
The real hilarity comes, though, when Ted Cruz does his best to try and lampoon his Not-Trump rival, Marco Rubio. During the press conference, Cruz answers questions from reporters. Cruz both brings up and attempts to dismiss things that he has come under fire for. The whole thing amounts to very long, nearly schizophrenic, rant. Whoever told Ted Cruz to do this, needs to be fired. I don’t think that this press conference did anything except possibly make Rubio look much more practical in the eyes of moderate conservatives.
Cruz spent a lot of time denying what he calls lies being put forth by Trump and Rubio. Specifically, most of those lies that revolve around allegations that Cruz using push polls in South Carolina. The Washington Post first reported on the push polls that have been very supportive in their calls to voters throughout the state. They appear to be being conducted by Remington Research, a research firm hired by the Cruz campaign.
Cruz claims that anyone could be conducting the polls. Which is ludicrous. Especially in light of the fact that Cruz seems to now be trying to paint this as a conspiracy being orchestrated by some combination of Trump, Rubio, and well… anyone Cruz can point his finger at.
these guys are overly sensitive to criticism and seem to lose it and crumple into a whinny blob if they are this weak in a debate what do you think they will do when a Putin or some other dictator or foreign leader confronts them and disagrees do they take their blankie and run out or just sit there a pee their pants.  it's one thing to talk the talk but an entirely different dynamic when you can see their eyes and they your sweat.
not ready for the big stage proven by failiure on the little one.