Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Congress to force Postal Service to keep Saturday delivery|

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what are these right wing congressiona SOB's doing?
first the force impossible mandates on them now when they try to save some money by closing Sat. del. the do nothing but screw up the system forbids them from doing that, those who voted for this congress are you feeling it yet or dose the arrogance forbid you from admitting this is ridiculous?
The Postal Service, which lost $16 billion last year, said last month it wanted to switch to five-day mail service to save $2 billion annually.
Congress traditionally has included a provision in legislation to fund the federal government each year that has prevented the Postal Service from reducing delivery service. The Postal Service had asked Congress not to include the provision this time around.
Despite the request, the House of Representatives on Thursday gave final approval to legislation that maintains the provision, sending it to President Barack Obama to sign into law. The Senate approved the measure on Wednesday.
 But some lawmakers who support the Postal Service's plan have said there may still be some room for it to change its delivery schedule. They point out that the language requiring six-day delivery is vague and does not prohibit altering what products it delivers on Saturdays.
The Postal Service has said that while it would not pick up or deliver first-class mail, magazines and direct mail, it would continue to deliver packages and pharmaceutical drugs on Saturdays.
Republican Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma and Representative Darrell Issa of California on Thursday told the USPS Board of Governors to move forward with implementing the five-day delivery plan for mail.
they just don't give gnat crap about what anybody wants their wants are it nothing else, instead of either reliving that ridiculous mandate, or at least ease up and let them make a buck. and save jobs.  this is congress's do do and it stinks like they do with Pres. this was never an issue before they aspired to privatize and put "we the people" at the mercy of big business ever deeper in our pockets, all about the Benjamin's for them.